Revolutionizing insurance certification

Asuretify is disrupting the insurance industry with AI, machine learning and blockchain security to deliver secure digital certificates of insurance (COIs) that eliminate fraud and provide real-time, accurate insurance certification.

Asuretify is ideal for insurance companies and agents, risk managers, contractors, vendors, and consumers and is a game-changing solution providing:

  • Simplified and automated processes, vendor/contractor enrollment and communication
  • Insurance certification backed by Asuretify's blockchain security which provides a Digital COI that is so dependable it is permissible in court.
  • Automatic compliance check and comparison
  • Centralized communication
  • Automated requests, follow-ups communication
  • COI Tracking
  • Vendor self-enrollment

Asuretify is turning the insurance industry upside down by completely eliminating the need to manually track certificates and policy endorsements.

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